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Mental Inventory

Information Feeds

Ask yourself these questions:

Letís Talk

How much thought have you given to what you talk about? Here are some points to consider.


Listen critically to the words you say to yourself. Some examples:

Talk to Others

No Talk

Do you have a need to fill dead air? How do you handle silence during a conversation?

The Walls Talk

How long can you be alone in your home with no TV or music before the quiet begins to bother you? How often do you need to have the TV on, even when you are not watching it, just to fill the room with human voices?

Mental Clutter

It is impossible to keep your mind organized if junk is being dumped into it from other sources. Here are some popular sources of junk to fill up your mind.

Television News

During the late 80ís, an author (whose name I do not recall) described the 11 oíclock news as ďviolent wallpaper.Ē Ask yourself how many of the news stories:


What kind of music do you like to listen to? Does it have words? If so, what are the words about? How many of these themes  show up frequently in the music you like:

Before Calling It a Night

Personal productivity experts advise that you plan the next day during the prior evening. This gives your subconscious mind all night to work on them. From this it follows that the things you think about before turning in will be the things in front of your subconscious all night.

What do you think about before going to sleep?

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