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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

You can see this about 25 times in a liberal arts undergraduate program. Nevertheless, it is so basic to understanding other material that I have reproduced it for the convenience of those who have not seen it, if nothing else.

Abraham Maslow grouped human needs into five categories and arranged these categories into a sequence. His theory is that an individual must have a minimum satisfaction of needs lower on the hierarchy before higher-level needs are interesting to him. The hierarchy of needs is usually rendered pictorally in a pyramid, like this:

hierarchy of needs

Eamples of needs in each category are:
Physiological food
Safety shelter
Social sense of belonging
Esteem recognition
Self-Actualization sense of mission
lasting contribution

Needs on each level must be met before needs on a higher level are motivational. This makes sense: a person will leave shelter to get food, and a person who has unmet social needs usually does not care about self-actualization.

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